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Mini Control

Mini Control 2

Mini Control 2

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Compact and versatile MIDI controller for Sound Devices 8-Series mixer/recorders

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Mini Control 2 (“MC2”) is a versatile compact MIDI controller designed to work with Sound
Devices 8-Series mixer/recorders. It provides convenient control of channels not easily accessible
on the host device’s front panel.

The MC2 operates through a three-way toggle switch and rotary encoder selections, which
provide real-time visual feedback through LED colour changes, flashes and pulses in four main
colours: red, green, blue, and white.


The MC2 allows the user to control gain and fader level of a Sound Devices 8-Series mixer/
recorder. Its functionality is organised over a number of Modes and Configurations.

Channels 7-12 can be controlled in 833 Configuration.
Channels 9-16 can be controlled in 888 Configuration.
Channels 12-20 can be controlled in Scorpio Configuration.

In addition to the above, MC2 also offers a number of additional controls and optional

• Channel “select”.
Channel PFL.
Mappable MIDI control-change messages.
• Rolling channels on/off.
• Additional channels on/off.
• Strict Controller Configuration on/off.
• Free Configuration on/off.


MC2 works without issue alongside MCU controllers, the Sound Devices CL-12 and additional
MC2 units, provided the 8-Series is always set to “Individual" under Main Menu > Controllers >
Third Party Controllers > Multiple Controllers.

Multiple MC2 units can be connected to an 8-series mixer/recorder through a USB hub and set to
control different channels / parameters simultaneously.


• Power consumption: 32-117mA @ 5v (dependant on LED brightness).
• Dimensions: 23mm x 54mm x 80mm.
• Weight: 115g


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